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International Transfer Certification Application Form ITC


International Transfer Certification (ITC's)

International Transfer regulations are set by FIFA and enforced by the Canadian Soccer Association and Ontario Soccer. Any Player over the age of 10 who was last registered to play in another country must obtain an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) before they are eligible to register and play in Ontario.  


PLEASE NOTE All ITC applications can take up to 30 days to be approved.

Please fill out the Ontario Soccer International Transfer Request form and save to attach/upload in the documents section of this application.


Players between the ages of 10 - 17

Included with the request (application form above), the following mandatory documents must be submitted by the player/parents (in PDF format, with no documents larger than 2MB in size:


Please prepare the following documents as they will be required to upload within this application.


  • Proof of identity and nationality (ie passport) - player
  • Proof of identity and nationality (ie passport) - both parents
  • Proof of birth date (birth certificate) - player
  • Employment contract - both parents (paystubs are fine with financial information whited out/covered up)
  • Work permits - both parents if both work
  • Proof of residence (ie proof of homeownership, utility bills, rental agreement) - parents
  • Proof of residence (ie. school report card, official mail with player name/address)
  • Proof of distance for 50km rule (ie Google maps showing location residence/US border)
  • Proof of distance for 100km rule (ie Google maps showing location residence/club headquarters)
  • Parental authorization (letter form authorizing the transfer and that you would like your child to play in Canada)

**Please note all ITC applications can take up to 30 days to be approved. 


Please direct questions to:

NFSC Office

Phone: 905-374-4040